Understanding the Process and Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Understanding the Process and Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is one of the most used cosmetic treatments in the world. It’s safe and helps in getting rid of hair permanently, which makes it a better choice than waxing and shaving. Before you go for laser hair removal, it is important to understand the procedure. In most cases, more than a few sessions are required for permanent hair removal. Here is the procedure in detail, along with the benefits.

The process

  • The first obvious step is to find a qualified and known clinic for the procedure. When it comes to epilation rapide, the initial consultation is important. The experts will explain what you can expect from the procedure and will offer a list of dos and don’ts. In most cases, sun exposure is to be minimized for at least six weeks prior to the treatment, and the targeted areas must not be plucked or waxed.
  • During the procedure, the hair of the targeted area will be trimmed. The laser equipment will be adjusted accordingly, keeping the thickness and color of the hair in consideration. The light sources used for the treatment may vary, and you may have to wear eye gear for protection. Laser experts usually use a cooling gel to sooth the skin, which also helps the laser to get underneath the skin.

  • Once the procedure is done, which can take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour or more, special cooling packs will be used on the skin. For larger areas, more time is required, but for most treatments, aftercare is important. Doctors may also use anti-inflammatory lotions for reducing the sensations. The treatments will continue for at least a few sessions, often with gaps of around four to six weeks, until hair growth is stopped completely.

What are the benefits?

With laser hair removal, you can get rid of hair permanently, even though that may take a while or a few sessions. This is a precise treatment, which can get rid of hair from the targeted areas, without affecting other areas. The treatment is also safe, and the side effects minimize and subside within days, as long as you follow the advice of your doctor. The costs are not very high either, which makes laser hair removal effective for most people.

Check with a reliable clinic now to find more, and before you go for the procedure, do ask if there are any risks pertaining to your case.

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