Taking steroids – Warning Bells

Taking steroids – Warning Bells

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Present days the body building is one of the crazy things for young people. Stunning look, bigger muscles are youth attraction andthis culture has become viral in the young people. Men and women are attracted by this and pushing their efforts to build their bodies as quicker as possible. Building muscle is not a simple task, it requiressensible hardwork, need to spend much time in gym and do harder workouts. This hard work outs are painful and muscle builders can’t avoid this. Another thing is it requires lot of patience to get perfect muscle and may probably take years of time. This is a time taking processes and need to bear the pain as well. Who search for short cut they use steroids; some people think these are useful for immediate effect. Initially the steroids give positive results, after some period ofusage it effectsadversely to the human body and may change the natural biological system of the body. People are taking energy boosters, muscle increasing tablets, injections and fat cutter products. They produce high amount of testosterone hormones and change the natural muscle building process. These all disturbs the body negatively and cause chronicle damage to the body, sometimes it’s not possible to recover from the bad situation. Early identification is the best solution and avoid them to use steroids. Signs of guys taking steroids could be an identification and have a chance to alert them from using steroids, change in the Physical and mental condition will be a proof of the steroids usage. Guide them on the consequences and problems which will arise with the usage of steroids.

Some physical signs to be shown people are using steroids

Muscle improvement in quick time

For building mass muscles will take at least two to three years of gym work outs. If someone gets large muscles within one year or less period is a sign of taking steroids.

Muscle grows limit less and out of shape

Using high dosage of steroids without guidelineswill produce unusual hormone production and that results builder loses the control on body and cause unusual muscle growth. And get distended stomach, body shape out.


Usage of steroids increases testosterone in body. When the overdosage is taken the levels of testosterone start turning to estrogen. It is the female hormone so effect adverse in male builder in the form of increase in breast size, called gynacomastia. When observed these changes in male chest, that is a sign of the person using steroids.

Appear stretch marks on body

When the muscle grows rapidly, there is an enormous increase in muscle and the body is unable to keep up with the sudden change. In that time some stretch marks will appear on shoulders and other areas grows in uncommon passion. This is most accurate sign to identify the usage of steroids.

Huge upper body

In the same way growing body disproportionately is also a sign of guys taking steroids. Observe hair and skin

Unusual hair growth and unnatural oil skin can the result of using of steroids. Injection marks on hands or in other places shows the proof of steroids usage. In female people unusual hair growth on face, voice change like male voice, menstrual cycles dysfunction these signs are proved the use of steroids.

Some other physical signs

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Blood in urine
  • Changes in body fluids

Some signs are appearing in their mental condition and behavior

  • Mood swings
  • Over irrigative nature
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Unpredictability
  • Insomnia
  • Delusions
  • Extreme appetite shifts
  • With drawl from family members
  • Forgetfullness

Observing of some social changes also proves the usage of steroids

  • Stealing money
  • Needing more money
  • Become secretive
  • Taking longer time in bathrooms(injection steroids)
  • Private phone conversations
  • Detach from friends family
  • Falling asleep more often, taking naps
  • Un marketed packages in the mail

Excess hormone production with over usage of steroids can cause acne. Testosterone has a big effect on sebaceous glands. Over production of testosterone create some negative effect on body like spots will appear on back and shoulders.

These are all like a warning bells to detect those people who choose wrong way to attain their crazy goals.

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