Oh No – Not another Wedding!

Oh No – Not another Wedding!

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There seems to be a certain time in most women’s lives when it feels like they have at least one wedding a month to either attend or help to plan. If this sounds like your life, then listen up. While we can’t do much about those dreadful bridesmaid dresses (where do those folks get the idea that ugly huge bows look good on anyone?) we can give you some great tips on planning.

While not everyone is asked to take part in the planning, if you have a big family expect it. You can often find yourself helping out that favorite cousin or best friend and sister when she gets ready to head to the church for the big day. Enjoy it because before too long it will switch from helping out at the wedding to helping out with the babysitting. Here are a few ways to get ahead of the curve when it comes to wedding plans.

The Two Most Important Walks

If there is anything I have learned from being part of a wedding party for at least a dozen or more weddings, it is that the walk down the aisle and the walk out for the final exit are key. Everyone will be watching and the music will cue the attentions of all. This is where a bit of planning and a sense of drama can come in handy.

For the walk down the aisle, keep it simple. Your bride is shaking with nerves and the groom looks like he just swallowed something bad. Just smile, encourage them and make sure you have some cute little cousin or next-door neighbor to scatter rose petals before the bride. This will put her attention on the kid instead of herself and help her get down the aisle.

Finally, when it comes to that final walk out look for ideas for a dramatic exit online. A bit of rock and roll can get the action rolling, along with an antique car for pulling away in style.  You can learn more fun ways to wrap up a wedding here and in the many wedding posts on Pinterest.

Pick a Theme – Any theme

It might seem at times like finding a theme for a wedding is a lot like playing craps. You have to just see what the roll of the dice will deliver. But if you think about what the real passions are of the bride and groom, especially what they share, you just might see a great theme emerge. If they both love the beach and met there, why not create a beach at that winter wedding? If they are both a couple of ski bunnies, why not have the wedding at their favorite ski lift – even if it isn’t winter? Pick a theme that reflects the bride, not the time or occasion.

The bottom line for any wedding is always to have it reflect the bride and groom and not the current fashion. Well, that is unless they are both the kind of person who would never be caught dead outside of the house in anything but the latest cool fashion. Then I think you are safe to indulge in keeping that wedding theme the latest and hottest Pinterest page ever. Dream wedding anyone?

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