Mens Trendy Clothing to look for in 2018

Mens Trendy Clothing to look for in 2018

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2018 is just around the corner and streetwear brands are now working overtime to come up with the next big thing for the coming year. You can expect mens trendy clothing to transition from the catwalks to the street in the near future.

The Eighties Returns

Oversized bomber jackets, flashy colors, and faded wash jeans with folded hems are coming back. You can wear those pastel-colored suits to the office, or make them more casual by combining them with a shirt and sneakers.

You don’t need to wear all the clothes that your father used to wear in 1983. You can pick and choose items you like to combine an outfit look for your own taste.

You can combine 80s sportswear with some tailored pieces that you can find in mens clothing online. You can wear tailored trousers, blazers, and suits with track bottoms, aloha shirts, hoodies, and even bombers.

Another 80s trend that is making a comeback is to wear white from top to bottom. If you think that wearing all white is just not your style, then you can go for a light-colored jacket instead. For footwear, you can try brown or black penny loafers or leather sandals to smarten up your summer look.


Joggers and sweatpants have been the go-to bottom clothing items in 2017. In 2018, you should consider getting shorts from Differio. Many streetwear brands paraded shorts as part of their summer clothing lines. This clothing item showed up all over the runways.

Colors of 2018

When summer comes, you should be ready with your yellow clothing items. People see it as a risky color because it is hard to find something that matches it, but it can make your outfits less boring. Instead of wearing an all-black ensemble this summer, try wearing something yellow instead.

While some designers choose to have a more colorful clothing line for the next year, some designers decided to stick to black, even during summer. You will find lots of clothing items in black in Differio.

Another color that will be making a big splash next year is millennial pink. It’s the warm, blush rose color that most straight men want to avoid unless you are a millennial. Other hues of pink will also be popular in 2018. You will see men wearing pink shirts, jackets and even pants in the next couple of months.

Green will also be trendy in 2018. Designers use the color to accent their formal looks. You can apply this on your street wear. Instead of wearing al black, you can accentuate your outfit with some green items.

Long Hems and Loose Silhouettes

Gone are the skinny jeans that restrict your movements. 2018 will welcome more unstructured tailoring and pants will become longer and looser. While pants will not be baggy as they were in the 90s, they will be longer. From track bottoms to tailored trousers to jeans, hems of urban streetwear will be stacked next year.

Silhouettes will be looser in the next year. There will be lots of oversized fits and unstructured pants and jackets worn by men in the next couple of months. You should also expect blazers that are too big for you.

Aloha Hawaiian Shirts

Trendy clothing stores will start carrying Hawaiian shirts in 2018. Designers combine the shirts with unexpected items such as leather trousers and the likes.

2000s Revival

After nearly two decades, people are already into the 2000s for their fashion inspirations. Designers have brought 90s fashion in recent years, and now they are looking into the 00s for some design ideas. Baggy cargo trousers are coming back in 2018, along with long bets, sweater vests, and matching indigo double denim. You will see more New York Clothing stores online having items that you might think came straight from the 2000s era.

Go High

Some sexy clothes for men will feature high waist designs. Men will wear these pants and shorts with a tucked in shirt. While some men might not like this trend, you will see many men wearing high waist pants and shorts in the coming year.

More Visual Designs

Streetwear brands are going to mix patterns in spring of 2018. Designers will go for more visual texture to their clothing lines that will surely make outfits more interesting and less drab. Graphics will invade knitwear, jackets, trousers, and other clothing items. Designers will play with polka dots and stripes as they try to come up with fun and edgy clothing lines.

Speaking of stripes, clothes will feature the design pattern. Whether it is knitwear or trousers, you should expect them to come with stripes. The design can be colorful or subdued. Suits will come with vertical stripes with varying widths, from pin to thick. The best thing about vertical stripes is that they are flattering no matter what your body shape might be.

Double Breast Pockets

Stylish menswear will feature double breast pockets. Field jackets, military shirts, and safari jackets will have a slouchier shape and two pockets. Their designs are modern compared to the military shirts of the 70s.

Rise of Technical Fabrics

Gone are the days when only athletic and streetwear brands use technical fabrics for their clothes. Even the top designers today are now using technical fabrics in their collections. You should expect items such as track pants and tops, tailored pieces, and hoodies made out of the high tech fabrics.

You should expect these mens trendy clothing in the coming year. If you want to find the latest edgy clothing items and the best streetwear brands, go to Differio. They have everything men need to look good.

Whether it is tops, bottoms, shoes, or accessories, you can find them all in one online shop. You don’t need to go to any other trendy clothing stores in New York. The best thing about Differio is that they offer free shipping for orders above $99 for USA customers.

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